Apart from several best-selling novels, none of which were critically acclaimed, Rand wrote many dramas and screenplays. Monroe continued being the object of desire for many, and played to the gallery. To a large extent, that stood true. Zimmerman used a touch pad with image keys, which by pressing would be translated on a screen or printed on a paper. Jackie Joyner-Kersee March 3, 1962 Kersee is often regarded as the greatest athlete ever in heptathlon. Navratilova has won the Women's single title at Wimbledon nine time - a standing record. As much a businesswoman as a technologist, Whitman has shown interest in politics and in 2010 she ran for the post of Governor of California, which she lost to Jerry Brown. Centuries later, Cleopatra remains an icon in popular culture, especially in European and North American countries, and continues to be the inspiration behind many art pieces, sculptures and monies that represent strong, skilled and beautiful women.

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Presenting a list of women who've been more infamous than famous: A pop con icon - Bonnie Clyde's life on the ladder was surreal. Artemisia was proclaimed the ruler of Halicarnassus present-day Turkey after her husband's death. With a net worth of $8.8 billion, Wang is the richest person in Taiwan. Rich, famous, beautiful and powerful - Madonna's is a life everybody wants to live. On February 11, 2012, Houston was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel room due to a drug overdose. However, no one succeeded. Mrs. Under her rule, Britain annexed the Indian subcontinent as its territory, giving Britain, strategically, politically and economically, the biggest shot in the arm. Artemisia helped Xerxes defeats the Greeks in the naval battle of Salamis.